Absente Liqueur

100ml Bottle

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    Distilleries and Estates of Provence
    55% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Absente Absinthe Refined 110 Proof Liqueur has a pale green color. The nose is predominantly anise, but some light floral aromas and a suggestion of citrus lurk in the backdrop, sophisticated touch of bitter herbs. Absente has technically labeled a Vert (green in French) absinthe and derives its unique color and flavor from botanicals. It is a bright blend of absinthe, artemisia, green anise, and balm that is delicate, sweet, and slightly spiced.

    Absente has issued from the distillation of Artemisia Absinthium associated with the subtle blending of alcohol, mugwort infusion, star anise essence, balm, peppermint, and anise distillates. With its limpid and bright color, it was the first legal absinthe liqueur containing thujone launched in 1998. It can be mix with water or the traditional way with sugar and water using a slotted spoon. Enjoy!