Myers's Original Dark Rum

750ml Bottle

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    Sazerac Company, Inc.
    40% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Myers's Original Dark Rum has been made from Jamaican sugarcane cooked into molasses to extract the maximum amount of sugar crystals. Then, the molasses is fermented and distilled using both continuous and pot still distillation. Myers's Dark Rum has been aged for four years in white oak barrels that lend the beloved beverage's dark hue. The final product is a blend of nine different rums, some of which may be aged for over 50 years.

    Myers's Original Dark Rum is mildly sweet, with a moderately full-bodied palate and hints of dark caramel and toasted coconut husks. The mahogany and charred wood aromas lead into a thick entry. It offers a buttery notes entry followed by sweet sugar cane, caramel, tobacco, leather, honey, and dark chocolate with elements of raisin and fig. The finish has a decadent dark chocolate character with brown sugar, smokiness, and underlying oak notes that make Myers's a genuine original standing the test of time.

    This Dark Rum has bottled at 40% alcohol by volume and makes an excellent mixer. The rich, oaky, sweet, and full-bodied taste is perfect for cooking, baking, sipping, or mixing into your favorite rum cocktails. Enjoy!