Ronrico Silver Rum

750ml Bottle

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    Beam Suntory
    40% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Ronrico Silver Rum is distilled in the Caribbean reflecting over 100 years of skill and dedication in the creation of every drop. Ronrico Silver Label is an authentic premium rum that is selected from only the finest rums in the Caribbean. In 1889, the King of Spain gave the brand his crest of approval declaring it - "El Ron de Los nobles" or "The Rum of Noblemen". That crest still remains on the bottle today as a symbol of quality craftsmanship for nearly 150 years. Ronrico Silver Rum has an authentic dry island taste. The versatility of Ronrico is shown by how it mixes smoothly in all of the classic rum drinks and still tastes delicious straight. Ronrico Silver Rum is selected from the finest rums available in the Caribbean. Enjoy!